(resolved) ‘Student Attainment’ tool no longer available in My Dundee

This functionality has now been partially restored throu a new development in EVision. See https://ctil.dundee.ac.uk//2019/03/07/class-photos-in-evision/ for details

What’s Happening?

A tool called ‘Student Attainment’ has been used in the past by some instructors to see ID photos of the students enrolled in their modules has stopped working since the upgrade (for clarity, these photographs are taken from SITS and are the same as those that appear on each student’s identity card). This is due to a security incompatibility between the tool, which was custom built back in 2006, and the new SaaS delivered My Dundee. This tool cannot be fixed and has been permanently withdrawn from the system.

Who is affected?

Module Instructors


This tool cannot be fixed and the functionality can only be restored by building or purchasing a new solution. We will seek such a solution but cannot give any time-frame for this work and realistically this will not be in place for this semester.

A partial alternative would be for you to access SITS, where instructors with the appropriate permission can see ID images one-by-one. Note that this work around would not allow you to see images grouped by cohort.

Further Information

We do apologise for not foreseeing this issue and being unable to offer an immediate solution for what, we have belatedly discovered, was a valuable tool for a small number of instructors.

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