CTIL’s kind words

We wanted to share an activity that we recently did in CTIL. We had been hearing lots of compliments being given about each other, but the recipient often missed out on hearing these great things about themselves.  It can be a bit awkward to end a meeting with ‘I always enjoy working with you, your attitude is always so positive and you’re so helpful’, even if that’s what you’re thinking.

In order to share these compliments, we created a Microsoft Form to be anonymous and put everyone’s name on it as the ‘questions’, and left a blank text box for the response. After a week or so, we shared the compliments that each individual received with that person. We’ll also be sharing the compliments that were given about a person in the group for those that were happy for this to happen. We rather enjoyed hearing lovely things about ourselves.

Not to brag, but we’re a pretty good bunch. See some of the compliments that were given below (artwork by the extremely talented Andy Strachan).

Background of clouds. Foreground is text compliments

After having done this ourselves, we think the wider UoD community would benefit from this as well. To that end, we have created this Colleague Appreciation Form for you to use! It is completely anonymous, and you can enter the recipient’s name, email address, and compliment. We will then send the compliment directly to them and, if you’ve ticked the box saying we can share it, you’ll see it in a future issue of the newsletter, too!

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