Online training (Staff)

2 laptops facing each other, with people shaking hands between the screens.
Shared with CC0 licence on Pixabay

We are starting to think about how we might offer online training, primarily for Distance learning staff, but could also be of interest to those who work on campus, and can’t get to face to face sessions.

It is likely to be via Blackboard’s Collaborate  Ultra tool (so you’ll get the chance to be a participant to see what your students see).

We’re currently trying to understand what types of training DL staff would find useful, and when it would work (though we acknowledge that it may be difficult to cover all requests at this stage!)

We have a list of forthcoming face to face sessions  (to which you’re all welcome, of course) – and we also have a series of blog based discussions – which we call Learning X – again, you’re very welcome to participate in them.

What would be useful, though, is if you could share ideas of what you feel you’d like here, or via the Distance Learning Forum if you prefer.

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