We are Here to Help!

In order to best serve the community, we have created a booking system to help you with your hybrid teaching and digital education service needs! This system, called Here to Help, is currently being piloted and is now available. There are currently two options within this service, one to help with teaching in a hybrid room for the first time and one to help with using our digital education tools.

Live teaching help

You can use this to book an expert in Hybrid teaching to be in your on-campus room at the beginning of your teaching session. This will help you get familiar with the Capture & Stream and Dual Mode teaching set up the first time you use these technologies. For this service, use the “Help with a live teaching session” option and be sure to add the building and room where you will be teaching.

This service will be available in ten-minute sessions from 9-5, Monday-Friday.

Digital Education help

You can also book an expert in the many digital education tools to help you with anything from:

  • Setting up a Turnitin assignment
  • Uploading a SCORM package
  • Copying over content between modules

Our goal is to create an empowered community confident in all of the teaching tools available at the University of Dundee. To that end, in this online-only session, you can expect to share your screen as you walk through the process you are trying to accomplish. We will be present in order to help offer any advice and answer any questions as you work. If you have a complex question (not answerable in a twenty minute session), or have a pedagogical query, we may suggest a different meeting time with a specific member of staff.

If you are having technical issues, Help4U is still the best place for your query, so we may direct you to that service if there appears to be a technical problem.

This service will be available in twenty-minute sessions from 14:00-16:00 (GMT) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and from 10:00-12:00 (GMT) on Wednesday and Friday.

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