Distance Learning Forum Meeting Thursday 13 May 2021

We hope this message finds you and yours all safe and well, going through or just finished the examination phase. We are still maintaining the DLF meetings to an hour as online fatigue certainly sets in. That said, if anyone wants to stay for a less formal chat after 3, Susie will be round till 3:30.

Well, it is still worth mentioning that we are in the process of preparing topics for the next academic year and are certainly looking forward to hearing your stories or experiences with online distance learning perhaps in terms of Student Engagement? Are there any different challenges you or your students are facing? Would you like to share with everyone any new tools that you have used lately? Any new ideas you are hoping to chat about with our university colleagues? Most of all, how we can share our experiences and support one another to enhance our community of learners here at University of Dundee? Let us know how we can support you further by suggesting topics for us to discuss, workshops that will help our colleagues, presentations that will inform our community, and some social time, albeit online.

Our fourth meeting for this academic year will be on E-portfolio where we have fantastic senior members of our staff to share with you their experiences of spanning out E-portfolios in their academic practice. With our looming online need and capability, perhaps it is time we welcome this amazing tool, probing more into its utility, which has been waiting for years at our academic doorstep. We hope at the end of the session we will have a developed a deeper understanding of E-portfolios, challenges we might face and strategise solutions.

In this session we will have Derek Robertson (Education and Social Work) and Fiona Muir (Centre for Medical Education) with Abigail Johnston (School of Medicine) to give us their perspective and experiences with E-portfolio. This will be followed by Sharing of Experiences by the attendees with Q&A session.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 13 May 2021, 14:05-15:00 hrs, on DLF Teams. If you wish to attend this session but are not yet a member of the DLF, click here or request to join as a member on our Teams page. Feel free to join in 5 minutes earlier to say ‘hello’. If you wish to be included as a member on our Teams site please email myself at q.k.s.z.abdullah@dundee.ac.uk or Susie Schofield S.J.Schofield@dundee.ac.uk.

We hope that it will be an enlightening, informative and exciting afternoon for all. It will also be an excellent opportunity to virtually get to know our colleagues/ distant learning enthusiasts from around the University. The meeting will be video recorded, and the recording will be available on our Teams page. By accepting to attend this meeting, you also agree to be recorded. As mentioned above, you are also very welcome to stay after 3 pm for a bit longer for an unrecorded catch-up.

Please share this email with anyone else who may be interested. 

You can access this meeting by clicking on the link, Click here to join the meeting

Future meetings: TBC. Please let us know if you would like an additional meeting in June/ July

Best Wishes,

Qabirul and Susie

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