Announcing the retirement of Panopto and Kaltura

With the introduction of Yuja as our new video service, Panopto (pilot) and Kaltura will be retired.  It is important for existing users of these services to understand how we are managing these retirements and what will happen to any content you may have stored in them.


Deadline for users to request content to be migrated.
  • See details and link to form below. 
  • If you don’t request the migration of your videos, they will still be securely archived.
Yuja service formally launched.
  • Access through SSO
  • Integration with My Dundee made available
Access to Kaltura and Panopto removed.
Final archive of content.
  • Archived videos will be stored on OneDrive and owners can request access if required.

Migration of existing video content

We will be backing up all existing content in Kaltura and Panopto, so nothing will be lost. However, this will result in access to the videos being remove, whether displayed in My Dundee or on a web page. If you want any content moved to the service, we are running an opt-in migration process. This means that by default, content will be archived on 30/08/2019 from both services – only content that have been explicitly requested to be made available in Yuja, will be.

If you have have content that you wish to see moved over to Yuja before the withdrawal of Panopto or Kaltura, you must fill in this form by 16/08/2019.

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Video migration request form[/button]

Note that if you miss the migration deadline, we will still be able to retrieve and send you/upload your video(s) on request to CTIL for another 12 months (via help4u), but we won’t guarantee your content will be available before the services are withdrawn.

There is very little recent content contained in Kaltura, so we anticipate Panopto to be the larger migration to manage. Most of what is in Panopto is recorded lecture content, which is usually not intended to be available beyond an academic year anyway.

Formal launch of service

When Yuja is made available for users on  23/08/2019, we will issue a statement confirming this. You will then be able to access the service using your university credentials and through My Dundee. The launch will be accompanied by user guidance and information about the new service.

Closure of Panopto and Kaltura as services

On 30/08/2019, we will withdraw access to these services. We will download a final archive of existing content that will be stored internally for at least 12 months, depending on the type of content it is. If you own any content that is archived, we can make it available to you on request (request via help4u)

An exception to this approach is Lecture recordings.  The current draft policy on Lecture capture states:

Recordings will typically be kept for one year after the lecture was captured and then deleted. Individual lecturers do have the option to archive and maintain their recordings that might be used by them for legitimate purposes in the future (e.g. as a bad weather back-up). 

Going by this, we will start deleting year old lecture recordings (rather than archiving) unless specifically requested not to by the lecturer. Please get in touch with us if you want to keep your lecture recordings.


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