Converting grades from numeric to alphanumeric in My Dundee & Turnitin

When marking in Blackboard and/or Turnitin, you’ll find that you have to enter them as a number, rather than being able to directly enter the alphanumeric grade (e.g. A4)

Grading Schema.

In order to convert numbers to alphanumeric, you need to have the correct grading schema in your module. To check to see if you have it, go to

Course Management / Grade Centre / Full Grade Centre / Manage – then select Grading Schemas.

The grading schemas you need are Alphanumeric – marked out of 23, or 23 to Alphanumeric. If you also need to have the conversion from % to Alphanumeric, there are also schemas for that.
If you see letter – that is the US letter grade (A+ etc).

Uploading a new schema

If you find that you need to add the alphanumeric conversion to your module, we have a file containing both the grading schema, (as a zip file) and a Word Document explaining the process. You’ll need to unzip the package, so you have a zip file & a word document.

The contents of the zip file – don’t unzip Grading_Schemas_23


Download file [UoD Staff only]

Attaching the grading schema – Turnitin.

When you are setting up a Turnitin assignment – ensure that the Grading Schema is set to the Alphanumeric – 23 scale. You can change this at any point, though if the post date has passed, then you’ll have to click Force Refresh submissions to put the alphanumeric grades into My Dundee’s Grade Centre.

Select the correct grading schema

Attaching the grading schema – My Dundee

Go to the column you want to convert from a number to alphanumeric, and hover over the grey arrow at the top – then select Edit Column Information. You’ll need to have the Primary Display set to the alphanumeric scale you’re using. You may like to set the secondary display to score, so you can see the actual mark in the grade centre – the students won’t get to see this score, just the instructors.

If the grading schema doesn’t seem to work …

For more information

Blackboard’s help pages:

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