Decommissioning of Panopto Service

As previously announced, Panopto is being decommissioned in favour of our new Video service: YuJa. We had already removed access to Panopto (30/08/2019) and the service will now be closed completely on 19/10/2019. This should not affect any users as they should already have moved to YuJa, so this notice is just for information.

How will this affect me?

If you previously used Panopto, your content will have been moved to YuJa if you previously requested it. Any videos still stored on Panopto and linked to on My Dundee or another location will cease to function.

What about remaining content on Panopto?

All content requested to be transferred from Panopto to YuJa has been successfully moved. We will also be creating a final archive of all content that will be stored safely and made available on request if needed.

If you have any questions about the decommissioning of Panopto, contact help4u, for attention of CTIL. 

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