Students: Seeing feedback in Turnitin.

Once the work has been marked, and the grades are released, you can see the mark and the comments in My Dundee. Go back to the assignment submission area, where you uploaded your work.

  1. Click on the numerical grade (A)
  2. In the report …
    • If you can’t see the blue bubble comments in the body of the essay, click on the blue area. (B)
    • If a marker has used a rubric, click to see it (C) [If they haven’t used a rubric, this is greyed out]
      • It will open in a new tab / window
    • If the marker has left a voice comment, click the play button to hear it (D) [If they haven’t left a voice comment, you won’t see this link]
  3. To see the contents of a bubble comment, click it. (E)
  4. To see the similarity score as well as the comments, click the similarity layer. You’ll see the icon at the top of the red section (looks a bit like a pile of paper) turns from black to red. (F)
    • If you want to just look at the feedback or the similarity, without seeing them together, then click the top pile of paper icon (black) to enable / disable the layers that you want to see.
  5. To download a pdf version of your work, click the download icon (G) – then select the option you want. In most cases, it’s likely to be the current version, as that will show the comments, similarity etc.
  6.  The downloaded file will be a pdf  – it’s a long document, so you will probably have to scroll to see …
    1. your work, with the similarity highlighted and the locations of the bubble comments, (H)
    2. the overall comments & the contents of the bubble comments by page, (I)
    3. and finally, if it was used, the rubric, with the feedback you got, and the other possible comments. (J)

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