Turnitin error message


As of 26 September, this issue has been resolved. If you still see the below error message in any of your modules, please contact Help4U and include the module ID.

What is it?

As of this morning it has been brought to our attention that student membership is not syncing with Turnitin for new modules and this results in the below error message:

Turnitin error message that says "The membership service encountered some errors. Error fetching memberships URL."

We have contacted Turnitin to investigate this, and we will update this blog post with any new information or updates.

Who is affected?

So far, this seems to only affect new modules. What constitutes a “new” module is a bit trickier to define. 21/22 modules appear to be unaffected as the memberships (student enrolments) had already been created.

It is the modules that do not have this existing information that are impacted, but we do not have the date for when this issue began, although we suspect it is a new issue as of today (23 September).

What do I do if my module is affected?

Keep an eye on this blog page for any updates to see when the issue is resolved.

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