Auto Generate Discussions Using Blackboard AI Design

What is it?

Staff can now generate the discussions using Blackboard AI Design Assistant , it will create the discussion using the course title and description.

How does it work?

This AI design feature gives you suggestions for creating new discussions in your course modules. These suggestions are based on your course title and its description. It provides prompts aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy cognitive levels. You can further customise the discussions that are generated by AI design Assistant.

What should I Know ?

Step 1. In the discussion tab on the top right corner click on the icon highlighted in the screenshot below to auto generate the discussion

Screenshot of discussion panel with auto generate icon highlighted

Step 2. You can further customise the options suggested by design assistant . Here are the steps that you can follow:

  1. Enter a Description: Start by providing a brief description (limited to 2000 characters) that narrows down the focus of the discussions. This will help tailor the generated content to your specific needs.
  2. Select the Desired Cognitive Level: You have several cognitive levels to choose from:
    • Apply
    • Analyze
    • Evaluate
    • Create
    • Inspire me! (which provides a mix of levels)
  3. Adjust Complexity: Use the slider to fine-tune the complexity of the discussions focus. You can make them more challenging or simpler based on your preferences.
  4. Generate Title (Optional): Decide whether you want the AI Design Assistant to generate titles for the discussions.
  5. Advanced Options: Click the arrow beside “Advanced options” to explore additional settings, including changing the output language.
  6. Context Picker (Optional): If you would like to, select specific course items (such as folders, learning modules, or content) to provide context for the discussions. You can include relevant materials to enhance the generated content.

Step 3. Once you have configured your settings, click “Generate”. Review each discussion for accuracy and bias, then choose the ones you’d like to add to your course.

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Updated on 11/06/2024

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