Choose the best method to present your information

What is it?

As a module instructor you will probably be responsible for the preparation and/or delivery of teaching. Delivering teaching online allows for a diverse blend of methods of presenting information in your module. Some of the most common approaches are:

  • A PowerPoint Presentation
  • As a pre-recorded video
  • Another form of document e.g. word

This guide will give you an overview of the methods for presentation so that you can identify the best one for the topic.

What does it do?

PowerPoint Presentation:
  • Option to present live and share later
  • Present written information with visual aides
  • Easy to edit
  • Video clips and links to resources can be included
  • Accessible to all students
  • You can save your PowerPoint to your course content
Pre-Recorded Videos:
  • Can be time flexible – viewers can ‘attend’ lectures in their own time
  • Can be a bit more informal and a playful way to present written and visual information
  • The lecturer is visible to the students
  • You can start, pause, or stop the recording when you like and edit how you like
  • You can save your work to your Yuja channel
Live Video:
  • Collaborative, social and engaging
  • Structured way to deliver teaching
  • An opportunity to interact with students real-time and answer any questions
  • Monitor student engagement, attendance, and gain feedback
  • Undertake live video lectures in Blackboard Collaborate and utilise the break-out rooms
Other forms of documents:
  • Handout style, including Word documents, PDFs and digitally annotated notes and images
  • Links to external resources e.g. Word Press and YouTube
  • Initiate a conversation on the discussion boards and other reflective methods that will be covered in the Communication section of the training module.

What Should I know?

How you choose to present your work is up to you. Choosing a consistent way to present key bespoke visual and written information is a good way to present information that is clear and accessible. It is also important to adopt a variety of delivery methods for topics to keep information interesting and engaging. That is why it is essential to consider which mode of delivery is best suited to present your topics early on.

Updated on 08/03/2022

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