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The Hybrid Teaching Spaces Project is upgrading 50 high traffic teaching rooms to support recording, streaming and hybrid teaching modes. Use this page to track which rooms are being upgraded and track the progress

  • In Semester 1 2021/22 we will have all rooms upgraded to the Capture & Stream Design.
  • In Semester 2 these rooms will be further upgraded to the significantly improved Dual-Mode design.

Page updated: 13:00 14/01/2022 (HL)

Core Rooms

The following table lists all the core teaching rooms that have been designated as Hybrid Teaching Spaces. Each room as we upgrade rooms from their original state, to Capture & Stream, then finally to Dual-Mode:

If it’s not on the list, it’s not getting upgraded in this phase. More information should be coming about the rest of our teaching estate soon.

Dalhousie 1LG02Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1LG03C&S
Dalhousie 1LG04Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1LG13Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1G05Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1G06C&S
Dalhousie 1G10C&S
Dalhousie 1G15C&S
Dalhousie 1F01 Env 1C&S
Dalhousie 1F06 Env 2C&S
Dalhousie 1F18 Env 4C&S
Dalhousie 1S05Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1S06Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1S08 Music 2Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1S10 Music 1Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1S18 Clay Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 1S19Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2G03C&S
Dalhousie 2G12C&S
Dalhousie 2G13Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2G14Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F02Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F03Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F10Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F11Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F13Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F14Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2F15Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2S02C&S
Dalhousie 2S03Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2S11C&S
Dalhousie 2S12C&S
Dalhousie 2S13Dual Mode Complete
Dalhousie 2S14Dual Mode Complete
Fulton J18C&S
Fulton J20C&S
Fulton H2C&S
Fulton F20Dual Mode Semi-Complete
(Note: must use lapel mic)
Harris Lecture TheatreC&S
Matthew 5016Dual Mode Semi-Complete
(Note: must use lapel mic)
Matthew 5017Dual Mode Semi-Complete
(Note: must use lapel mic)
Scrymgeour 1.08C&S
Scrymgeour 2.08C&S
Scrymgeour 2.12C&S
Scrymgeour 3.08C&S
Tower Geography Jun LabDual Mode Semi-Complete
(Note: must use lapel mic)
Fife Campus Classroom 1C&S
Fife Campus Classroom 2C&S
Fife Campus Classroom 3C&S
Fife Campus Classroom 4C&S
Core rooms designated as Hybrid Teaching Spaces
OriginalRoom is left as it was before the project began i.e. no hybrid or other advanced capabilities.
In ProgressRoom is currently being upgraded and is likely unavailable for teaching until complete
C&SRoom has been upgraded to the intermediate Capture & Stream design
Dual-ModeRoom has been fully upgraded to the Dual-Mode design
Status key

Innovation Spaces

Innovation spaces are non-teaching rooms that are being equipped to provide:

  • Onboarding facilities that staff and students can use to get hands-on experience with the new room designs.
  • Development facilities that allow us to experiment and test new designs and technology.
  • Space to develop and share teaching practice.
Room Name
Education Innovation Lab (Library Eduzone)
Park Place A15

Specialist Rooms

These rooms are getting some form of specialist treatment for various reasons. We’ll update the details soon.

Room Name
Fulton H19
Fulton F25 / F26
Matthew Level 5 – Hub 1 Studio
Matthew Level 7 – Product / Interaction Studio
Matthew Architecture
Frankland Lab
LB7 018 Large Flexible Teaching Room
LB7 031 Teaching Room 3
LB7 032 Teaching Room 4
L5 160 Tanis Drummond Lecture Theatre
LR6 005 Jackie Wood Centre
L6 062 New Teaching Lab
Carnelly Small Lecture theatre


These rooms have been selected for their suitability to support the small to medium size teaching that will make up the majority of in-person teaching next year, while large lecture style teaching is recommended either online or via asynchronous content. There may be some changes to this list along the way as we progress though the actual installations and if requirements change.

Updated on 27/01/2022

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