Hybrid Teaching Rooms


There are 50 core teaching rooms being upgraded to support some level of hybrid teaching over the next 4-5 months. They will first be upgraded to the intermediate ‘Capture & Stream’ in time for the start of Semester 1, before being progressively upgraded to the true hybrid ‘Dual-Mode’.

The big 50

Dalhousie  1LG02Dalhousie  1F18 Env 4Dalhousie  2G14Dalhousie  2S11Matthew 5017
Dalhousie  1LG03Dalhousie  1S05Dalhousie  2F02Dalhousie  2S12Scrymgeour 1.08
Dalhousie  1LG04Dalhousie  1S06Dalhousie  2F03Dalhousie  2S13Scrymgeour 2.08
Dalhousie  1LG13Dalhousie  1S08 Music 2Dalhousie  2F10Dalhousie  2S14Scrymgeour 2.12
Dalhousie  1G05Dalhousie  1S10 Music 1Dalhousie  2F11Fulton J18Scrymgeour 3.08
Dalhousie  1G06Dalhousie  1S18 Clay Dalhousie  2F13Fulton J19Tower Geography Jun Lab
Dalhousie  1G10Dalhousie  1S19Dalhousie  2F14Fulton H2Fife Campus Classroom 1
Dalhousie  1G15Dalhousie  2G03Dalhousie  2F15Fulton F20Fife Campus Classroom 2
Dalhousie  1F01 Env 1Dalhousie  2G12Dalhousie  2S02Harris LTFife Campus Classroom 3
Dalhousie  1F06 Env 2Dalhousie  2G13Dalhousie  2S03Matthew 5016Fife Campus Classroom 4
Rooms earmarked as our initial Hybrid rooms


These rooms have been selected for their suitability to support the small to medium size teaching that will make up the majority of in-person teaching next year, while large lecture style teaching is recommended either online or via asynchronous content. There may be some changes to this list along the way as we progress though the actual installations and if requirements change.

Updated on 26/08/2021

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