Manage shared documents

What is it?

Breakout rooms are essentially miniature sessions within the main Collaborate session. You’ll have your own chat area for the group and you’ll be able to share your microphone, camera, use a shared whiteboard, share your screen, or share documents. 

What does it do?

You can share and create content together.

  • Participate in smaller student groups
  • Share content and collaborate
  • Engage in group work

What should I know?

We suggest that one person in your group shares their screen and that you work on a document collaboratively, rather than using the whiteboard function. This is because rooms, and their contents, disappear when the breakout room session ends. If you create a file on a specific student’s desktop, you’ll be able to save it, share it later with the group, or share it in the main session if you are required to do so.

For information on how to do this, read the guide on how to present in a live session. [Put the link to that BB page here, please].

Updated on 25/08/2021

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