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Manage time-keeping in breakout rooms

What is it?

Lectures and seminars are usually scheduled in 1–2-hour intervals, so timekeeping is very important to allow enough time for activities to take place during the session. Being punctual with your time ensures that you are not spending too long on something and that you can quickly move on to the next activity, allocating sufficient time to each activity and work to a deadline. 

What does it do?

All Breakout room sessions in Collaborate are separate from the main room. The moderator or module leader will usually allocate you with a task or series of tasks and expect students to monitor the time they spend on group work whilst in breakout rooms so that you can return to the main room in plenty of time with the rest of the class.

  • Understand the tasks you have been assigned
  • Prioritise tasks according to importance and urgency
  • Set a time to complete a task
  • Organise your time equally to meet session aims
  • Be strict and move on promptly

What should I know?

Blackboard does not currently have a timekeeping feature available in the breakout rooms, so we recommend that one student in your group keeps track of time.

Updated on 25/08/2021

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