Mark attendance automatically from Collaborate

What is it?

This will cover the key steps to managing attendance from Collaborate sessions. This will only work with sessions – the Course Room does not have the option to be linked with attendance.

What does it do?

By capturing attendance in Collaborate, you can monitor attendance automatically. 

What should I know?

When you set up your session, you will need to use the last tab to set it up with attendance monitoring. It is important to pay close attention to the settings described below, as a student can be actively engaging in a session but be marked as absent if they do not meet the criteria you set the session up with.

Note: All session settings are based on the times you set it up with, regardless of the actual time the session runs. For instance, if you set up a session to run from 10:00 – 11:00, but you actually start teaching at 9:50 and finish the session at 10:30, all of the attendance settings will still be focused on student attendance from 10:00-11:00

Step 1: Go into the last tab – this icon will look like a clipboard. Tick the box for Share attendance information with LMS. (LMS means Learning Management System – in this case, My Dundee).

Step 2: Determine the settings required. Your school may have a policy for what these should be, so contact them for any guidance. 

Screenshot of the Attendance Reporting tab when setting up a Collaborate session. There is an arrow pointing to the 'Absent after' text box, and another arrow pointing to the required time in session slider.

 Late after: Use this to determine when a student will be marked late. This is based on the first time a student enters a session and the session start time.

 Absent after: This setting determines the time at which the students would be marked absent regardless of total time spent in the session. For instance, if a session starts at 10:00 and this setting is set to ‘Absent after 20 minutes’, any student who enters at/after 10:21 will be marked as absent regardless of total time spent in the session.

This is based on the first time a student joins, so if there are connection issues and a student re-joins late in the session, they will not be marked absent unless the first time they joined was past the time in this setting. 

Required time in session: This sets the percent of the session that a student must be present. For example, if a session ran from 10:00 – 11:00 and the required time in session was set to 50%, a student who joined at 10:00 and left at 10:29 would be marked as absent. 

Step 3: If there are any discrepancies for students

Next steps

If there are any differences between what you would expect for attendance and what you see (e.g. students marked as absent who you think should be marked as present), the first step is to review the Room Report. This will be covered in the next guide. 

Updated on 01/03/2022

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