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Welcome to the University of Dundee Maths and Stats Hub. Here you will find resources related to all things numbers including numeracy, mathematics and statistics. If you are looking for an introduction to statistics or to refresh your memory on certain topics check out our new ‘Stats Bites’ series. Whether you want to learn something new, find a solution to a problem or are here for a browse we are here to support you and your success.

Stats Bites

Welcome to Stats Bites, a resource brought to you by the Academic Skills Centre (ASC) and the Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL). The resource is designed to give you an introduction to statistics by taking you through various core topics. These include; ‘Descriptive Statistics’, ‘Distributions’, ‘Hypotheses Testing’, ‘Correlation’ and ‘Choosing Your Analysis’. We hope that you will find this resource useful. If you wish to find out more information on certain topics, or if what your looking for isn’t covered in the series, check out the list of helpful online resources below.

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I’m Cassie— a former graduate of Dundee University and lead of the ‘Numerate Campus‘ project. Based on research conducted throughout this project, we identified statistics as an area students would welcome additional support. So, we— the university— listened and created our new ‘Stats Bites’ series. As part of the ongoing project we intend to develop these online resources to acheive our long-term goal of strengthening maths and stats support accross the university to truly create a ‘numerate campus’. If you have any comments or feedback, please email

I really hope you enjoy the resource and wish you the greatest success in your studies!Cassie Masterton

Ambitious Futures Graduate Trainee, University of Dundee

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Online Numeracy, Maths and Stats Resources

Here we have collated a handful of external resources surrounding numeracy, maths and stats. If you still need help and are looking for face to face support you can visit the Maths Base drop-ins throughout the semester for advice on not just stats, but anything related to numeracy or maths. No problem is too small— anyone from any discipline is welcome.

Maths and Numeracy 
Khan Academy
Khan Academy contains over 2,700 videos covering a range of topics from arithmetic to algebra. To find the topic you are looking for, use the search bar at the top of the screen or simply browse topics from the maths section.
Mathcentre has been designed to support a variety of courses offering a range of learning materials. Topics include arithmetic, drug dose calculations, differentiation, functions and graphs, trigonometry and stats among many more.
Open University
Open University provide comprehensive maths courses which have been created to prepare and support students at higher education level study.
BBC Bitesize
BBC bitesize offers a variety of guides alongside practice tests. It is a really good resource to improve your numeracy skills as well as refresh your memory in high school maths.
PatrickJMTmroldridge and corbettmaths are all really great youtube channels created by experienced teachers of maths. Although most of these channels are aimed at varying levels, they are particularly good at explaining more complex problems.
Statstutor offers a wide range of materials such as video tutorials, paper-based resources and tests and quizzes to help you understand the important topics.
Stat Trek
Stattrek is another useful resource that provides a combination of written and video tutorials covering many aspects of statistics such as exploring data, experimentation and inferential statistics.
Online Stat Book
Online Sat Book is a helpful resource created by David M. Lane, an experienced educator of statistics. It is an interactive multimedia course of study covering a variety of topics.
Statistics by Jim
Statistic by Jim is a blog run by Jim Frost, who takes a down to earth approach to teaching statistics by providing simple, clear explanations to common statistical concepts and problems.
Art of Stat
Art of Stat is a resource containing a collection of interactive statistical web apps that are useful for visually exploring and illustrating statistical concepts.
Updated on 11/04/2023

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