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Overview of tools used for assessments

What is it?

There are a diverse number of ways you can submit an assessment in Blackboard thanks to several digital education tools we have.

What does it do?

My Dundee (Blackboard) has its own assessment feature, Blackboard Assignments, that you may be asked to use for tests and group work. In addition to this, there are other tools that you may be required to use throughout your studies.

  • Submit written assignments through Turnitin
  • Submit tests and group work through Blackboard Assignments
  • Submit a video assignment through YuJa
  • Understand Questionmark
  • Submit maths work through Mobius/MapleTA

What should I know?

The main tools we use for written assessment are Blackboard and Turnitin. Although Turnitin is the preferred method, you may be asked to submit to Blackboard for tests and group assignments.

For video assignments, we use YuJa where you can upload to your personal channel or as a group.

There are other assessment tools you might come across in Blackboard such as Questionmark (used for computer-marked assessments) or Mobius.

Mobius is a specialist tool used for maths, and your school will provide any instruction necessary if you will use this tool.

Updated on 25/08/2021

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