Panopto to Replace YuJa in 2024

Following a thorough and competitive selection process, we are pleased to announce Panopto as our chosen video management platform, scheduled to replace from YuJa on 3rd June 2024. The decision comes after thorough consideration of feedback from our user community and our cumulative experience in delivering video services in the last three years. We believe Panopto will be a valuable asset in the production and delivery of high quality video content in our education and and other activities.

Panopto stood out for its user-friendly workflows, minimal service delivery footprint, and suite of education-centric features. Further details are available on their website.

A note on changing platforms

Moving away from from YuJa will not be an easy task as there are terabytes of video content that will need to be tidied up and then moved to the new platform. There will also be actively published content that will need to remain in place once YuJa is switched off. This will be a complex task, requiring careful planning, communication and execution.

The first part of our strategy will be to remove as much of the old, un-used video content as possible between now and June 2024. This will be done based on certain criteria such as age of the video, how long since it was last watched, is it a lecture capture from a previous academic year. Be assured that content owners will have fair notice of any videos due to be deleted and be given a mechanism to opt-out specific videos that they want to keep. We will also ensure that where possible, videos will be archived before being deleted completely.

Secondly, we will create a plan to manage any content that needs to remain active and available after the transition, including content in My Dundee. We will be working on this plan in the coming months and will communicate with users well in advance of the 3 June deadline.

What’s Next

Please look out for communications about managing the decommissioning of YuJa, the migration of your videos and the implementation of Panopto.

Updated on 30/11/2023

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