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Installing and recording from YuJa

This guide shows instructors on how to add YuJa tool link to a My Dundee module. The most common reason for doing this is to add relevant recordings (such as lecture recordings, flipped classroom or worked examples) to a tool link content area.


  1. Open the module that you want to add YuJa to.
  2. Click the add Tool Link icon at the top of the left-hand menu.
  3. Name the tool link with an appropriate name.
  4. From ‘Type:’ select the dropdown and click YuJa
Screen shot of adding the YuJa Tool link in left hand menu
  1. By default, the Tool Link is not visible to students, click ‘Submit’.
YuJa add tool link menu highlighting the Available to users and submit buttons
  1. When you click on the Tool link it will launch the YuJa area within your My Dundee module:
Screenshot of YuJa front end

Step 2. Launch YuJa

  1. Once you’ve installed the YuJa application, you’re ready to begin recording.
  2. Navigate to Create Recording at the top of the screen.
  3. Click “Start”. The installed copy of YuJa will open on the computer.
  4. Launch YuJa, click “START”
Click start on the create recording interface
  1. Login to the capture application using Single Sign-On (SSO) and your institution as University of Dundee and click Sign In (you will not have to enter your credentials due to SSO)
SSO add credentials

Step 3. Starting your Recording

In the YuJa recorder, choose your options. Click on the down arrow in the grey section to make any adjustments to your selection.

Annotated YuJa software capture.

Annotation in bulleted points below
  1. Title and Description. (Change the title if you want, the default is the time and date)
  2. Media channel select your publish location, this will be your My Dundee course title. *If you don’t select this option, the recording will be published to your My Media in YuJa by default and can be published to your My Dundee channel post production.
YuJa select media channel pop up
  1. **Video – Most lecture machines don’t have cameras, so you should ensure ‘none’ is selected. Unless you want to capture video, in which case select the appropriate video input device.
  2. ***Audio – This will vary depending on hardware, by default the software will select the digital microphone connected so make sure the device you expect is selected:
Audio selections

  1. Press the Start button to begin your capture. Stop your recording by clicking on the YuJa Mini-bar or pressing Ctrl+Shift+F, the default hotkey sequence. The hotkey can be changed if desired

When you press the Start button, you’ll have three seconds before recording begins. Use this time to bring up your files or presentation material on-screen, if you’re capturing your screen. Proceed with your recording – try to speak clearly and naturally.

Step 4. Post Now, Deleting or Saving your Capture

When you complete your recording, you have three options available.

YuJa your capture session has ended screen
  1. Press “Delete” if you don’t want to keep the file (this will delete your recording permanently)
  2. Choose “Save” to save your capture recording to My Media (this will give you the opportunity to review the content, note that you will then have to publish to your My Dundee module at a later date)
  3. Choose “Post Now” to publish your capture to the channel specified in the Media Channel

Install YuJa

Direct Download

Download from the following link: https://dundee.yuja.com/D/YSS/Download

YuJa area on My Dundee

From YuJa area in My Dundee click “Create Recording” then click “Download and install”

YuJa Dundee homepage

Log in to https://video.dundee.ac.uk/ and again click “Create Recording” then click “Download and install”

Note: YuJa has been installed in all the lecture rooms if you are in a lecture space that you think should have YuJa installed please email help4u@dundee.ac.uk noting the room and PC name.

Updated on 30/08/2021

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