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Solution for a ‘Your session has expired’ message

On occasion, you may try to open a student’s submission in the feedback studio, but you aren’t able to because of an error message that says ‘Your session has expired. This paper is not available. M14:11’ (see below)

Screenshot of Turnitin error message

This typically happens when Turnitin has a problem recognising an element in the student’s submission (e.g. an image or graph). To fix this, you can download the student’s original submission, print it as a pdf, and re-upload it on the student’s behalf. Be sure to note or screenshot the original submission time, as this re-submission will override when the student submitted their work. 

1 Download original submission

To download the original submission, use the tick box next to the name (or where the name would be for anonymous submission) for all of the papers you want to download. Click on the button for Download Selected (#) and select Original Files

Screenshot of Turnitin dashboard with a student's submission selected, and the 'download all' menu open with an arrow point to 'Original file'

2 Print the file as a PDF

In Word, go to File then click on PrintIn the print menu, select Adobe PDF as the printer and click Print. You will then see a window that will prompt you to choose where to save the file. Decide where and how to save it and click Save when you’re done. 

Screenshot of the file panel in Word with the Print area open. Adobe PDF is selected as the printer with an arrow pointing to this.

3 Upload PDF on behalf of the student

Before you do this step, please note or take a screenshot of the original submission time, as this will be overwritten with your submission. 

For any assessment (including those set up to be anonymous), you can use the search bar to the right of the ‘All Students’ menu to search for a submit on behalf of a student. You can use the drop-down menu which will show all of the students in the module, or you can start typing the student’s name. From there, follow the prompts to upload the student paper you have re-saved as a PDF.

Screenshot of anonymous Turnitin Submission page with the dropdown menu under 'Submit on behalf of a student' open

You should now be able to open the student’s work normally in the Feedback Studio to review the similarity report, add comments and feedback, and enter a mark.

If you still see this error, please contact Help4U and include ‘FAO CTIL’. 

Updated on 05/08/2021

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