The key features of recording with YuJa

What is it?

 YuJa is a tool integrated with Blackboard to create, capture, edit and share video content with others.

What does it do?

For Instructors

  • Directly capture video from a range of sources or upload existing content into a central, online repository.
  • Automatically generates transcripts when videos are recorded or uploaded to the platform.
  • Manage personal and shared video collections, publishing to specific users, groups or publicly as required.
  • Edit video through a simple, easy to use editor or download for editing in high-end editing tools such as Premier or Final Cut.
  • Access, share and manage video collections within Modules or Organisations on My Dundee.
  • Share and embed videos in the same way you would with YouTube or Vimeo services.
  • Supplement video experience with captioning, attached files, moderate-able comments, shared notes and a range of other functions and abilities.
  • Create video-based quizzes and assessments, with grades returned to the My Dundee grade centre if required.
  • Set video submission assignments for students.
  • Institutional portal for public distribution of video.

What Should I know?

You can access the service directly through your My Dundee modules. Once you have logged in at least once through My Dundee, you can access YuJa through using Single-Sign On. Logging in through My Dundee first creates your account using your role (instructor/creator or student/viewer). 

YuJa comes with a handy mobile app for Android and iOS, which allows you to view videos shared with you and capture and upload recording straight from your phone.

Updated on 08/03/2022

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