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Tidy up the content and re-organise it in your course structure

What is it?

When you copy content between modules, the module structure may be different. You may even notice slight differences when copying between Ultra modules.

What does it do?

You will need to organise and/or re-structure your module into the Ultra format. You might notice that once the items have been uploaded into your course, the organisation will have changed.

  • Organise your module content to fit the Ultra format
  • Restructure items to where they fit best
  • Review items and remove content that is no longer needed
  • Make sure content is up to date

Step 1: Review the items and fix any errors on importing

Blackboard ultra module view presenting an error message about copying content

Note: The errors that occur during the importing/copying process are usually minor and the items typically will have imported, but with changes. We recommend you check through what the errors are telling you, in the first instance.

Blackboard ultra copy details screen showing the results from

Step 2: Organise your course according to the new layout. Please refer to your module template for this.

It is important to note that there are limits to the depth of folders in Ultra. Any folders or items that were too deep (e.g., folder in a folder in a folder then an item) will be brought up to the level of depth allowed by Ultra. 

Tidying up your content is as an important step as importing the items themselves, so please be sure to leave plenty of time dedicated to course clean-up. 

Updated on 25/02/2022

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