Typical submission issues your students may confront

What is it?

It is not uncommon for students to experience some submission issues on Blackboard. This guide will address some of the most common issues students may experience during the submission process.

What does it do?

Students should be encouraged, where possible, to submit their assessments in plenty of time in advance of the deadline. This leaves sufficient time for any technical issues to be resolved. If submission issues arise, please reassure your students and if you cannot see an obvious explanation, encourage them to log a call with Help4U.

What should I know?

Common Issues
File not uploading
  • File type error
  • Word count – Turnitin requires a minimum word count of 20 words as it is, primarily, a text-based similarity checker. Scanned images are read by Turnitin as an image, even if the scan appears to have words in it. The solution for instructors is to not use Turnitin for submission of scanned files (e.g. collection of signed forms). Otherwise, students can create a coversheet that meets the minimum word count and attach this to their scanned items.
Questions about submission information
  • Instructors should communicate to students what the conditions of the assignment are. This includes information such as if late submissions are allowed if multiple attempts are allowed, or if there are any other restrictions.
Where to find the submission point
  • The instructions should use the provided template to give students consistency so they know where to find everything. 
Updated on 14/02/2022

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