Want to request a pop-up message in My Dundee?

What is it?

This is for the messages that appear in My Dundee with information for a broad audience. Appropriate messages for EesySoft messaging are timely messages that affect large groups of identified users (e.g. all teaching staff, all students,). These can be notices of upcoming changes to My Dundee, upcoming webinars that are relevant for all identified users or other messages from professional services

Who is it for?

People who can request a pop-up message are staff on behalf of their service and students who hold an office in DUSA.

What should I know?


In order to limit the pop-ups to the most relevant and timely information for our users, these messages must be from staff or DUSA and must be relevant for a very broad audience.

That means that things like surveys created by students for project-work are not appropriate for pop-up messages. Also, if the message only applies to a small sub-set of people, pop-ups are also not the right tool to create and publicise your message.

Request a message

If you think your message meets the criteria above, please put in a call to Help4U and include the following information:

  • Who you are and the purpose of the message.
  • A few lines of text (2-3 sentences is ideal).
  • A link for where users can find more information.
  • An image (preferable but not required). The image will be no wider than 450 pixels wide, so keep that in mind.
  • Who the message is for (e.g. all students, all staff, etc.).
  • The start and end dates for the message. Note that the message shouldn’t run for more than two weeks straight.

Please be sure to request this at least one full week before you need the message to appear in order to ensure that we have time to create and test the message before it is released.

Updated on 14/03/2023

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