What technology your students need to know to create an assignment

What is it?

Submitting an assessment online will inevitably require some knowledge digital tools both the instructor and the student. This guide will discuss some of the typical technology requirements that students will encounter during the assignment creation and submission process.

What does it do?

All students will need to be familiar with My Dundee so that they can navigate the module and organisation areas.

To create an assignment, your students will benefit from a knowledge of Microsoft Office e.g., Word and PowerPoint. All students will have access to this as standard with their student log-ins.

For non-standard submissions, e.g., for mathematic formulas, imagery and/or videos and group work, students will likely need to be comfortable with tools beyond the standard Microsoft suite.

What does it do?

As an instructor, you encourage your students as much as possible to familiarise themselves with self-directed learning tools they have access to while at the University of Dundee. Chief among these is LinkedIn Learning, although you should check with your school to see if there are any other learning tools available to students.

For help with assignment writing, they can visit the Academic Skills Centre.

The Academic Skills Centre has also worked with CTIL to develop Essay Bites, Revision Bites, and the Maths and Stats Hub.

For access to additional digital resources including e-books and Endnote training, students should consult the Library and Learning Centre webpage.

Updated on 18/10/2022

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