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What we mean by ‘accessibility’

What is it?

Before preparing accessible content, you should first understand why it’s so important. We are all unique in age, race, language, approach to learning, abilities, and disabilities. Accessible education acknowledges the need for a service that is as diverse as its students.

1/3 of the UK population experience some form of impairment at any one time. This can be situational, temporary, or permanent

What does it do?

The goal is to create a system where no student experiences a barrier to learning and every student has equal opportunity to learn.

What should I know?

The launch of Blackboard Ally coincides with the new legislation regarding digital accessibility. As of 23 September 2019, every new resource you publish is required by law to be accessible to everyone who needs to use it. Don’t worry if that sounds a bit scary; we’ve created a stress-free set of guidelines to help you navigate through the world of accessibility in education. Just look at our handy guides on Accessibility in the Adding Material to your Course section of the training module for more information.

Updated on 08/03/2022

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