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Yuja provides instructors and students with a flexible set of tools to capture, edit and distribute video content for a wide range of educational purposes, from assessment to lecture capture. It is integrated into My Dundee making it easy to author and distribute video within a Module or can be accessed directly for those wishing to manage and distribute video more widely. The service is easy to use, accessible and supports the growing need to support rich digital media in our educational experience.

What does YuJa do?

  • Directly capture video from a range of sources or upload existing content into a central, online repository.
  • Automatically generates captions for any videos recorded or uploaded to the platform.
  • Manage personal and shared video collections, publishing to specific users, groups or publicly as required.
  • Edit video through a simple, easy to use editor or download for editing in high-end editing tools such as Premier or Final Cut.
  • Access, share and manage video collections within Modules or Organisations on My Dundee.
  • Share and embed videos in the same way you would with YouTube or Vimeo services.
  • Supplement video experience with captioning, attached files, moderate-able comments, shared notes and a range of other functions and abilities.
  • Create video based quizzes and assessments, with grades returned to the My Dundee grade centre if required.
  • Set video submission assignments for students.
  • Institutional portal for public distribution of video.
  • Capture and distribute lectures and events (see below).
  • Live streaming of events.

Who is it for?

This service is primarily aimed at education related activities but can be accessed and used by anyone with a UoD login. 

Getting started

Main portal

YuJa has a main web portal to access the service:

 This institutional ‘YouTube’ display all publicly available front-end for university content. This is also the how you can access and manage your video collections – simple open the site and login using the “UoD Single Sign-on” option on the top right of the main interface.

My Dundee

You can also access the service directly through your My Dundee modules, which gives you all the same tools and functionality as using the above portal (My Dundee is based on the Blackboard Learn platform):

Accessing YuJa through My Dundee bypasses the need to login since you’re already authenticated by the University authentication service.

Note that we will be creating a series of custom guides in the coming weeks to support our own specific use cases.

Software Client (Recording from your own computer)

If you want start recording from your own desktop or laptop, you can download and install the software client by logging into the YuJa portal either directly or through My Dundee. Once in, you can click on the ‘Create Recording’ button at the top of the page and choose ‘Download and install’. This will allow you to download and manually install the client software on your own computer. Note that this may require a white-listing request to UoD IT to allow the programme to run, depending on your computer.

Mobile Access

YuJa comes with a handy mobile app for Android and iOS, which allows you to view videos shared with you and capture and upload recording straight from your phone.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Getting help


YuJa provides a comprehensive set of guides on all of their features. There may be some variation between their content and how we’ve setup the service, especially in My Dundee, but most questions about how to use the service will be answered here:

You can also access this support though the main YuJa interface by clicking on the person shaped icon on the top right of the page, and selecting ‘Support’.

Training and Best Practice

If you have any training needs or ideas about how you might best use YuJa, we in CTIL are happy to hear from you. You can get in touch via help4u, noting that your query is for CTIL, and we’ll get back to discuss your needs.

Technical Issues

Technical issues, such as bugs, should also be reported to help4u. Depending on the query, your call may be routed to UoD IT (e.g. issues with your computer) or it may come to us at CTIL.

Lecture/Event Recording

Lecture capture is one key activity that YTuJa is capable of supporting. However, we do not yet have an institutional approach to lecture recording so this functionality is currently supported on a support limited, opt-in basis. YuJa provides a complete software side solution for those wishing to record and distribute their teaching events, including automatic publishing to modules and organisations in My Dundee. YuJa also provides us with the potential to scale up both in terms of capability and scope in the future.

Teaching rooms are not currently equipped with video cameras or microphones for lecture recordings as standard. At present, those wanting to record will need to provide their own equipment.

For more information about recording teaching events, you can read our walk-through guide detailing how to go about it, or contact CTIL directly.

We will be consulting across the University to develop a more comprehensive approach to lecture recording and similar activities. In the mean time the capability is there for those who wish to use it. There is a relevant policy update currently making its way through the appropriate committee structures that we will link to here once complete.

Updated on 27/09/2021

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