Invalid or Missing state error in Turnitin

Update: Turnitin has informed us that the following should fix this error. If the error still persists please log a call with help4u with FAO CTIL in the title. The error message "Sorry, we could not process your request. Invalid or missing state" can usually be resolved by editing your browser's enabled Privacy & Security preferences so that it will not block any background scripts that Turnitin is trying to load. Please try following the steps below to ensure that ... read more
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Lecture Capture and Improving Teaching Facilities

Lecture Capture and Improving Teaching Facilities

Access to reliable and appropriately equipped teaching facilities have been an ongoing concern for the teaching community, especially as we increase our in-person activities. Something as simple as a malfunctioning visualizer or not being able to access in-room support can have a big impact on teaching activities, stressing the lecturer and detracting from the student experience. In addition, the current policy calls for lecture recording where appropriate, but unless you are using a Hybrid room or one of the mobile ... read more

Resolved – My Dundee Issue Searching for Modules

Update: Blackboard released a fix for this issue on Friday 11th February 2022 - the issue should now be resolved. An issue has been reported with My Dundee where searching for a module is triggering rapid page flickering until the browser refreshes. Blackboard are aware of the issue and it is actively being worked on by the Blackboard Product team. (Feb 11th 2022 13:30 GMT) ... read more
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Resolved – Turnitin Issues

Update: All issues resolved as of 14:45 GMT on 08/2/22. Today (08/02/2022), Turnitin experienced a brief window when users may have experienced one of the errors below. Between approximately 11:30 and 11:50 GMT, users could not upload assignments (students directly uploading assignments and staff uploading assignments on behalf of students). This has now been resolved. Afterwards, from approximately 11:50 - 12:05 GMT, those items submitted were not able to be viewed in the Feedback Studio or have any reports generated ... read more
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School contacts

We have collected some key contacts for each school so that you can tell at a glance where you may need to go for help! If you have any updates for this list, please let us know at , and we can get it corrected! ... read more

Hybrid Update #11: Successes and Challenges

Having weathered the storm that took out power in Stonehaven, I'm back with another hybrid teaching spaces update. Today, I want to to reflect on how it's gone in our first two weeks of the semester and get an update on the ongoing work to roll out Dual-Mode to the remaining rooms. Key info: In the first two weeks of semester, there have been a total 623 bookings in the hybrid teaching rooms.We had a total of 26 tickets raise ... read more

Resolved: YuJa Service Incident

Update: 21/01/2022 at 3:30 PM GMT - YuJa have confirmed that the issue is resolved and we have tested and confirmed this as well. If you have any further issues, please let us know ASAP by logging a call in Help4U. 21/01/2022: We have had reports from approximately 1 PM GMT that videos recorded in YuJa are not playing. The video appears to load, but is stuck on the loading screen and does not progress. We are currently working with ... read more

Turnitin new feature – exclude templates

Turnitin has recently added a new feature you can use when you create your assignments. In the Optional settings area of the set-up, you can find a section for Exclude assignment template. You can either upload a file or add text directly by using the 'Create Custom Template' button. We strongly suggest that you use the Upload Template button to upload a file (.docx or PDF are recommended). You can add text directly in the custom template, but our testing ... read more
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Hybrid Update #10.5

A quick update this evening. The fabulous Jonathan Walker (Staff) and our install partners, Streamtec, have completed the weekend work updating rooms ready for tomorrow. If you have any issue in room, dial *1 for support. I'm pleased to say that we have now upgraded 23 teaching rooms and three lecture theatres to the Dual-Mode design. You can find the full updated list on the room tracking webpage, but this means we've actually surpassed our previous target by a Geography ... read more
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Hybrid Update #10: What to expect next week

An enormous amount of effort is happening in the background to meet our previously revised target of having 22 Dual-Mode rooms ready for next week, with the remaining 28 upgraded by the end of January. In today's post, I want to give you a quick progress update, let you know what to do if you are booked into a Hybrid Teaching Space in the next few weeks and link to our new room tracking page so you can keep track ... read more