Online Exams - Student Drop-in Sessions

Online Exams – Student Drop-in Sessions

If you’re going to be sitting essay-based online exams, you’ll be using ExamOnline. Athough ExamOnline is simple to use, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the software before your exam. Knowing what to expect means that you can get off to a confident start on exam day. Drop in sessions will cover how to get logged in how to enter and format your answers how to include hand-drawn diagrams/images/charts etc. how to adjust the display how to submit ... read more
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Students: Understanding your Turnitin Report.

We have set up 3 sessions to help you understand your similarity report from Turnitin. In this session, we'll look at a generic report, so you don't have to bring a report with you. The sessions are limited to 30 people in each one - they're all in the Main Library. You will need to sign up - the links are below. November 9th 2:30-3:30 Sign Up November 14th 2:30–3:30 Sign Up November 23rd 2:30–3:30 Sign up ... read more
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Service issue: Turnitin November 1st 5:40pm-6:32pm

Service issue: Turnitin November 1st 5:40pm-6:32pm

Turnitin experienced issues yesterday. The following is their current status update. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Turnitin and TurnitinUK experienced a service issue between 10:40am- 11:32am PDT / 5:40pm-6:32pm GMT / 4:40am-5:32am AEDT. During this time most users (including ones using our services through an integration) would not have been able to log in, submit papers, or access feedback. All Turnitin customers on the following services were affected including: Turnitin (including mobile and Sandbox users) TurnitinUK (including Sandbox users) Integrations iThenticate WriteCheck ----------------------------------------------------------------- Note ... read more
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Training Sessions: Building a community in My Dundee

We have a training session for staff available on Community development in My Dundee. We'll be looking at Collaborate Ultra Blackboard discussions and blogs. When it might be appropriate to move beyond Blackboard tools. November 15th 2-4pm. Booking link ... read more
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Training Sessions: Turnitin

We have arranged 2 Turnitin Training sessions for staff, which are bookable via Eventbrite. Marking Introduction: Primarily for those who’ve not used Turnitin before November 8th 2-4pm: Booking link Advanced marking We are expecting you to be familiar with the basics of using Turnitin, and will look at using rubrics, grading forms & quickmark libraries. November 22nd 2-4pm: Booking link ... read more
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Blackboard app error

Blackboard App – Issues with iOS 11 and Chinese language.

If you have a newer iOS device, and have updated it to iOS11, have set your default language to Chinese or Korean, the Blackboard App has issues with freezing. The following is taken from Blackboard's issues pages: The Blackboard app is 'freezing' on a black screen on some late-model Apple devices running iOS 11 and set to some language settings, including Korean and Chinese. Older device models and iOS versions are not impacted. On the initial login attempt, the app ... read more
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Word Cloud from the digital scholar book;

Are you a Digital Scholar?

Or would you like to become one? In the last learning X, we looked at investigating and developing your Learning Footprint. In a related theme, we'd like to invite you to join with us in working through an Open Learn course,  The Digital Scholar. The course is developed by Martin Weller - and closely related to his book of the same name - the book is also available online as open access (click the cover below for access) In order ... read more
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Uploading rubrics and grading forms to Turnitin.

If you want to use rubrics and grading forms with Turnitin there are a number of stages: Add a rubric to your library: This could be through creating a rubric OR uploading one someone else created. In either case, the rubric is attached to you, so you'll only have to do it once for each rubric / grading form that you want to use. Attach a rubric / grading form to an assessment. Only 1 instructor who is involved with ... read more
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Move to Questionmark On-Demand

As you may know, we have been in the process of transitioning our Questionmark service from the self-hosted ‘Perception’ to the new cloud-hosted ‘On-Demand’ (OD) service. This project was meant to be completed over the summer but was unexpectedly delayed. The delay has now been resolved and we are able to move forward once again. Read on for details of the new project schedule ... read more
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New Tab Layout from My Dundee

New Home Tab Layout (Updated)

On Friday (06/10/2017) your My Dundee tabs will look a little different.  ... read more
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