Hybrid Teaching 101: Capture & Stream experience webinar

By popular demand, we’re ready to offer two live webinar sessions looking on our first hybrid teaching mode, ‘Capture & Stream’. They will walk you through the workflow, highlighting and demonstrating the key steps and offering a chance to ask questions and offer feedback. To find out more and sign up for one of the two webinars available, read on below.

What will these sessions cover?

Capture & Stream is our intermediate hybrid options that will be available in the 50 allocated rooms. This session will cover:

  • The workflow from start to finish, including the equipment set-up, initiating the Collaborate session, an dealing with any recording.
  • Explain the experience from the student perspective, including the limitations of this interim mode.
  • Online questions and feedback from you, the people (constructive, obviously 😉)
Capture & Stream

These sessions will be recorded and published (minus the Q&A) along with web based guides as a further re-enforcement of the workflow.

Caveats, disclaimers & expectation setting

We may be repeating this too often, but the Hybrid Project is a work in progress on the same tight schedule we’re all working too in our different areas. This session will cover a process that is still being developed and run on hardware that may still change.

Also note that Capture & Stream is the interim solution. Do not expect this session to reveal a full hybrid experience that you can go on to deliver to your students. That experience is coming, but we’d rather be up front and give you the facts as they are.

Saying all that, Capture and Steam is a relatively simple process, especially for those already comfortable with running Collaborate sessions.

Sign Up!

We’re doing these sessions using the Microsoft Teams Webinar event type. Both sessions will be covering the same content and we’re asking every to sign up so we know who’s coming. Places are not restricted.

Choose a session to sign up for and click for the registration form:


  1. This looks great. Unfortunately I have meetings I cannot avoid. Will the sessions be videoed or run at other times?


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