Mentimeter Webinars

We have been offered 2 more webinars run by Mentimeter

School Digital Champions should have the links to the sessions

How to Make your Teaching More Engaging

Tuesday 23rd Feb 10:00-11:00

During this session we will:

  • Go through what Mentimeter is and how it can further enhance the teaching and learning experiences 
  • Cover how to create a safe, positive and engaging learning atmosphere 
  • How to use Mentimeter for formative assessment, building better understanding and how to collect feedback, preferences and needs from your students
  • Demo the platform and showcase important settings to remember, as well as valuable tips and tricks on how to become a confident presenter 

Become an engaging expert with Mentimeter [Advanced webinar]

Thursday 25th February 12:00-13:00

During this session a short recap of Mentimeter’s impact on HE teaching and learning will be done, but the main focus will be on how the more advanced capabilities can be used, by sharing examples, use cases and best practises from University of Greenwich and other educational institutions. 
All participants will be able to ask questions throughout the full hour, through Mentimeter’s direct Q&A feature.

Overall agenda: 

  • Recap of Mentimeter’s impact on HE teaching and learning
  • Go through the more advanced question types, settings, hidden tips and tricks, such as Segmentation, Moderation, Mentimote, Layouts, Comments from Audience, etc. 
  • Cover as many of your questions as possible, so join the session with open minds, use cases and ideas to explore!

Please note: Both of these will be run via Zoom. Links, and pre-session questionnaires, will be distributed by School Digital Champions. 

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