My Dundee and Turnitin Training

CTIL are offering some bookable training sessions for My Dundee and Turnitin .

These sessions are bookable via Eventbrite – and are limited to 15 people per session.

My Dundee.

An Introduction for staff who’re new to My Dundee (or who feel they need a reminder of the basics).

We’ll look at:

  • Uploading files.
  • Adding assessments.
  • Organising content
  • Adding audio/visual elements.
  • Discussion boards.


My Dundee – Developing a community.

In this session, we’ll look at how to use the various collaboration tools in My Dundee.

This will include:

  • Collaborate Ultra
  • Discussion boards
  • Blackboard blogs

We will look at scenarios that could work for both Distance Learning and Campus Based student

If you wish to bring a phone / tablet / laptop, then you can also experiment with using the cameras in them for video connections.

My Dundee – Blackboard’s Quizzes.

In this session, we’ll look at the Quiz feature in My Dundee – primarily for those of you who’re interested in using it for formative / inclass tests.

  • Creating questions
  • Building tests
  • Downloading the grades.

If you have some sample questions you’d like to experiment with – bring ideas along with you!


An introduction for staff who’re new to Turnitin (or who feel they need a reminder of the basics). We’ll cover the whole assignment life cycle, from setting it up, through marking to extracting the marks at the end.


Other sessions.

We intend to run other sessions this semester, covering a range of different aspects of My Dundee and Turnitin. If there is anything you would particularly like to see, please add in the comments below.

Ideas that have been suggested already are:

  • Using the quiz tools in My Dundee (now set for Feb 21sth)
  • Using rubrics for marking (Turnitin & My Dundee)
  • Collaboration tools. (now set for Feb 7th)
  • Getting students blogging.

Once we have a clearer list, it will be advertised here.


We are running some courses for both My Dundee and Turnitin through OPD.

  • My Dundee –  An Introduction:   Thursday 1st Feb 10-12
  • Turnitin –  Setting up assignments: Wednesday 21st Feb 10-12
  • Turnitin – Marking assignments: Monday 19th March 10-12

OPD’s Booking system

Learning X

We also have a series of events, more focused on getting you to think about how you might use technology in learning, than how to use a particular tool. They’ll be listed on our Learning X pages.

The first one, starting January 24th is looking at creativity in Higher Education.



  1. It was suggested to me in a meeting that I had recently that it would be useful to have a workshop/course on writing blog posts for academics. I don’t know if we could involve some journalist to give additional pointers on how to turn academic content into more engaging content similar to the

    1. If we could find a journalist that would be fab! For now, though, I could do the type of paper blogging exercise that I’ve used with DJCAD students to introduce the idea of blogging – when they could focus on their writing, rather than the technical side of writing a blog post.

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