Panopto Support Site

You can get support for using Panopto during the pilot year by going directly to their website: Panopto Support Website ... read more
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Panopto Quick Start Guides

Since the Panopto video platform is its pilot phase, the best place to go for how-to guides is the Panopto support site. Click the below link to access their getting started guides: Panopto Getting Started Guides ... read more
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Marking on Turnitin Website

Important! Most of the time, you will not need to mark via Turnitin’s website. This information is purely for the times that MyDundee or Moodle is down for maintenance. If this is the first time you are doing this. You must be in the module that you are marking as an instructor on MyDundee / Moodle. You will not be able to access the material in this way if you were not already present in the module. All staff/students have ... read more
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Creating and Using Groups in Original courses

Why have groups? There are a number of reasons you may wish to use groups in MyDundee. User Management. For example, large classes with multiple tutors may want to have an easy way for tutors to contact those students in their tutorial groups. It may also be that those tutors are marking coursework from their tutees. Group working and collaboration between students Groups allow tools such as discussion boards, wikis  and blogs, to be shared between small groups, whether that’s ... read more
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Extracting Grades from Grade Centre

You may need to extract the grades from the Grade Centre for entering to eVision. Note that at present, it is still necessary to manually enter the data, we are not yet able to upload data electronically to SITS. 1: The grade centre is accessed from the Course Management section of the left hand menu. In most cases, select the Full Grade Centre. (Unless you have set up smart views already) From here, you’ll see the grade centre, with all columns ... read more
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What is Qwickly? Qwickly is a new tool that allows instructors to quickly post announcements on all the modules they’re involved with, and, at the start of term, make all modules available. Adding the Qwickly block to your account. On your MyDundee homepage, click “Add Block”, then search for “Qwickly”, and add it. You should now see it on your home page. More information Qwickly website Kentucky University’s information on Qwickly Note: There are a number of versions of Qwickly – ... read more
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Blackboard Instructor

This is the app for instructors. Unlike Mobile Learn, there are separate apps for instructors and students, so staff who are also students on some modules will need to download both apps. (Though note that the site is now more responsive than it was, so you may be able to achieve what you want to do in the browser on your tablet / phone) More information Blackboard's full set of help documentation Contact if you have other queries ... read more
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Laptop assistance

Staff Drop in Sessions: My Dundee and Turnitin

Get ready for the start of term! Drop in sessions for staff setting up My Dundee and Turnitin from August 28th to September 8th ... read more
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Blackboard App for Instructors

Blackboard have now released their app for Instructors. This is a summary of the key points, for further instructions, please see Blackboard for Instructors (help page) Students - there is also a new app for students, more on that soon ... read more
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My Dundee and Turnitin Training

My Dundee and Turnitin Training

CTIL are offering some bookable training sessions for My Dundee and Turnitin in the run up to the start of term ... read more
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