My Dundee is back!

My Dundee has been successfully upgraded and is available to use again.

This update comes with a myriad of small changes and fixes, but was mainly undertaken to keep our security patch level up to date and to prepare for a much bigger upgrade planned for January 2019 (more details coming soon). If you would like to know more about what might be different about this version of Blackboard (the application underneath My Dundee), you can find the key changes here (make sure you filter the list for Q4 2017).

We have big plans for My Dundee and Blackboard in 2019 including a completely new user interface and the elimination of the need for extended downtime (a relief to us all!). More details about these plans will be released soon.

Thgis whole process has been completed ahead of schedule, so thanks to our collegues in UoDIT for the hard work. If you have any questions about this upgrade you can email If you have any errors or technical issues, please contact help4u.

Note: Turnitin has also made some changes to their service. There will be an additional post about these changes next week.