My Dundee Module Creation Update

The new module creation process has now been implemented for all Schools. Modules for 2018/19 have been created in My Dundee ready to be prepared for the new academic year.

Key information:

  • Modules are created without content.This means that if you choose to clone your content from a previously run module, you will need to follow the steps in this guide.
  • Modules are created based on templates. These define an initial module layout and any standard content that should be in place by default. Most schools/disciplines don’t currently have a bespoke template so will find their modules created using the default layout. We intend to talk to schools/discipline in the next year about creating bespoke templates for their modules.
  • eStudents will begin to be enrolled as directed by SITS, though embargoes students and those who make choices in Welcome week will come later.
  • Staff have been enrolled based on the information we have, but you should see below if you can’t see your module.

This process will develop on as we continue to try and refine and streamline our processes. One key area we’ve identified for improvement is the process for enrolling staff as instructors. We intend to consult with Schools to find a more secure way of identifying and approving who has access to modules, so watch this space.

Frequent Questions

Why can’t I see my modules?

If you can’t see a module in My Dundee that you’re expecting to see, then you can contact to request access. Similarly, we can remove you if you no longer need to be enrolled.

My Module has the wrong name

Some modules are incorrectly named in SITS and so have the wrong name in Blackboard. You can choose to rename your module in the Course Properties area by going to ‘Control Panel > Customisation > Properties’.

Select Properties, then enter a new course name.

Note that the course title should match any naming convention your school/discipline follows and be meaningful to all who read it. Changing the name will not affect your enrolments as each module has a separate unique ID.

Can i do something about my overly long ‘My Current Modules’ list in My Dundee?

Schools that like to have all staff enrolled on all modules can often end up with far too many modules listed in their list. There is a simple way to organise you ‘My Current Modules’ list:

1. Locate the ‘My Current Modules’ list and click on the right hand of the title bar:

Select 'Setting' cog in My Current Module box.

2. Customise the view as you like and click submit:

Choose your otions, including 'Group by Term'

Is there any support available to help me prepare my modules for the new year?

Yes! We’re running summer drop-in sessions that you can just pop along to:

  • Twice-weekly every Tuesday & Thursday
  • 10am – 2pm
  • Peep-O-Day Lane (1st floor of main library)

These won’t be running on the week of the 23rd as this is the schedule My Dundee downtime.

There’s also the generic Blackboard help website* which has lots of help for the basic functions of a modules**.

*note that Blackboard is the system that My Dundee is based on.

**also note that what we call ‘modules’ are called ‘courses’ by Blackboard.