Recent Turnitin Issues.

As some staff have noticed, Turnitin has had a number of short lived, but annoying, periods of down time recently.

They have published a  letter from the CEO, looking at the recent issues and, more critically, what they are doing to mitigate issues in the future.

In particular they have said:

  • During this peak grading season, we have stringently limited updates to our offerings. Our top priority is a reliable user experience.

  • We have convened a Task Force to:

    • Analyze the recent interruptions and map the specific features and functions that have been unavailable to our customers at these times.

    • Review the policies and procedures around the detail and amount of information we provide around service interruptions.

    • Update our change management procedures to ensure optimal alignment with academic calendars and our customers’ needs.

  • We are committed to providing more transparent incident reviews and root-cause analysis, including a new and improved Turnitin Status page. This means that educators and students will have a more rigorous understanding of what features and functionality were affected by an interruption.

In addition to the Turnitin Status page above that they have linked to, you may also like to subscribe to email updates (link on status page), and/or to follow @TurnitinStatus on Twitter