Distance learning forum meeting Tuesday 10 March

If we have not said this before, it may not be too late to welcome you all to the new year 2020. I am Qabirul Abdullah and have just taken over as convener from Aileen McGuigan. On behalf of Susie and all of us, I would like thank Aileen for all her hard work and contributions over the many years, towards the Distance Learning Forum.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next DLF meeting, the first for 2020, which takes place on Tuesday 10 March, 14-16.00 hrs, in Dalhousie 2S15.  We hope that it will be an enlightening, informative and exciting afternoon for all.

Firstly, we will have Peter Hewitt, our Web Content Designer who will talk to us on ‘Changes on the Website’. We hope to get more insight on how our programmes appear on the University website and how can we could improve marketing.

This will be followed by Katy Scott and Karen Simpson from Admission and Applicant Experience, who will talk on ‘Apply directly to us’, giving us the rationale, the process, how we (both academics and professional services) can engage with the process to maximise conversions, followed by Q&A. This will be followed by SWOT analysis.

During the second half, after our coffee/tea break, we will have a few minutes to feedback any thoughts. We will then have Stewart Squire from DUSA, who will touch upon enhancing student experience through student and staff engagement in student presentation. We hope that this will stimulate discussion on experiences, hopes and fears.

Before we end the day, Susie will round up on what’s happening next time around.

This meeting will be an excellent opportunity to get to know our colleagues/ distant learning enthusiast from around the University and we hope you can come along for this meeting to find out more in detail and also to have some healthy discussion. We sincerely look forward to seeing you there. If for any reason you cannot make it this time around, there is one more meeting for this academic session (2019/2020) which will be on:

Thursday 14 May 2020 14-16.00 hrs Dalhousie 2S15 – to give you a little heads up… this will be an important event as we will be celebrating our 25th Birthday for the Distance Learning Forum.

Qabirul and Susie

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