Notes from 13th October 2020 DLF Meeting

This is our first meeting for the academic year 20/21. We had a good turnout with attendees hailing from all different schools and services of the University. 

Reading List – New interface

The first half of the session was about the reading list and as you are probably aware, the library has upgraded the reading lists interface this summer for the new academic year. Dawn Adams who is one of the digital skills librarian from the Library Learning Centre, gave us a virtual tour around the new software, Leganto. The term Reading List is now changed to Resource List which is more aligned to blended learning approach especially when we are more dependent on online resources. The new software is now integrated with the current LLC’s Library Management System, hence making it easier to update and add records/ resources quickly, better facilitates ordering and making e-books and also making digitised chapters available. Furthermore, there it allows better student engagement.

Further details on the Resource Lists is available at

Dawn also demonstrated how we can view our resources list, tips on navigating through the resource list, add items through internal library search, how to include ‘Cite It’ in the tool bar to allow adding external resources. We were also shown the important features applicable for students. Most importantly we will be able to see how many people have viewed the item. Using Permalink, we could paste the link to a document or any other VLEs that we use. We have also been assured that the team will be able to help us set up the resource list if we provide a word document of the list.

View the meeting recording for more details.

Effective Online Supervision

This session was led by Susie to capture any tips from our own community about supervising students online such as bachelors, masters or PhD level to support those who are new to this arena. You may have had face-to-face supervision before but now moved to online due to the current circumstances and have tips that you would like to share with everyone else.

Food for thought:

How do we maintain a heathy student-supervisor relationship? Would we need to rebuild the relationship with our supervisees now that it is online? How do we now meet their expectations as supervisors? How do we remotely provide feedback so as to help our supervisees? Would this relationship invade tutor/ student privacy, eg sharing our phone numbers, ability to see our homes in the background etc? Do we prepare an environment for our supervisees to present work to their peers to receive peer feedback and enhance interaction, so as to create a sense of belonging? Do we change the students’ projects due to difficulty in accessing their participants or change the way they access their participants? How do we deal with challenges pertaining to technology or communication influenced by cultural or political restrictions? How do we make that choice of the best tool for communication that suits both parties? What else could we do to improve student experience?

The following is a guide to online supervision:

Please go through the above guide and provide us any comments or feedback on this Padlet. Click on the following link to access the Padlet.

View the meeting recording for more details.

Topic for next meeting

Based on this meeting we now have established our next focus on how we can improve student discussion and interaction through ‘breakout rooms’ which will be a functionality we will explore on teams in our next meeting.

We also will look at how to make the best use of discussion boards to enhance student learning.

Diary dates for next meetings

Wednesday 18th November 2020 14 – 15.00 on Teams

Thursday 11th February 2021 14 -15.00 on Teams

Thursday 13th May 2021 14 – 15.00 on Teams

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