Notes from the DLF on 9 May: Blackboard Ultra and Sway

At our meeting on 9 May we were hearing about Blackboard Ultra and we also had a workshop about using Sway.  I decided to make the note in Sway: have a look and see what you think.  Following discussion with CTIL, I discovered that unfortunately the ’embed’ code for Sway doesn’t like WordPress much, so the Sway looks is a wee bit less beautiful here than I had hoped!  You can see it in all its glory by clicking on the ‘full screen’ icon at the top right in the frame below.


So, what do you think?  Does Sway have potential for our distance learning context?

As always, please let myself or Susie know if you have anything you’d like on the schedule for DLF in the forthcoming academic session.

In the meantime, have a brilliant summer!


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