Blackboard assignments: New Box View

This covers aspects of marking work that was submitted via Blackboard’s assignment tool.

As well as some differences in the way that staff can add comments to work, the new view also supports a greater range of file types – though note that if you also want to use Safe Assign for similarity checking, the range of file types remains similar to before.

Important: In order for students to see their feedback, staff have to add a mark. It’s not possible to give feedback (visible by students) without also giving the work a mark. 

In order to ensure that this works, you will have to have 3rd party cookies enabled. Most users already have them enabled, however, if you try to use the annotation tool, and you get a white screen, you’ll need to enable 3rd party cookies.

At present, there are some features that were available in Crocodoc that are not yet available in the New Box View. Box are, however, working with Blackboard to bring in these features, though no time scales are currently available.

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