Error creating a Journal in My Dundee – Temporary Fix

Temporary fix

Blackboard are still looking at finding a solution for the existing issue that staff have with a difficulty creating a journal. We have now found a work around that will help you to get ready for the start of term. The process is this:

  1. In your Sandbox:  Create a Journal, making sure it’s not in a learning module
  2. In your Module:  Go to the location that you require it and select ‘Copy Content’ to copy the Journal from your Sandbox
  3. You can now edit the copied Journal to update title, instructions, grading etc.

Here’s a video overview of the process

Many thanks to Ellie Harrison (DJCAD) who discovered it – and to the others who tested it

Original post

A number of staff have reported an error when attempting to create a journal in My Dundee.

It gives an error message, suggesting that you are not enrolled on the Module, and the journal is not created.

Sorry! Your name isn't on the list
The Error message when trying to create a Journal in My Dundee

CTIL are investigating the issue with Blackboard. We will update you when we have a solution.


  1. What is happening and is this connected to me not being able to log in to school of humanities on my dundee?

    1. Hello Emil
      This is something for staff who are trying set up Journals for students. If you’re not able to get into the Humanities site that you need to, could you email & give them as much information as you can (e.g browser, operating system, the URL you’re trying to get etc)

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