My Dundee Maintenance – 5th January 2018

What’s Happening

My Dundee will be taken offline for maintenance on the morning of the 5th of January 2018. It is planned that the service will be restored on the same day, though there will be an at risk period that extends to Monday the 8th.

At Risk?

Although the maintenance period should be limited to the 5th, as with any major technical activity it is possible that an unforeseen issue may extend beyond that time. Because of the weekend, this may extend the downtime through to Monday the 8th. We have settled on this arrangement in order to minimise disruption of learning activities starting the following week.

What and who will this affect?

My Dundee and all services delivered through it will be unavailable for all users during the downtime. Users trying to access will be shown a notice explaining the situation.

We have previously requested notice of any active teaching through My Dundee planned for this period. One course has been identified and we are working with the course leaders to minimise impact on their students.


Any questions about this downtime can be routed through


– Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL) & UoD IT


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