My Dundee’s assignments, or Turnitin?

We have two main systems that allow students to upload work to be assessed – Turnitin or My Dundee (Blackboard). While Turnitin remains the preferred option, there are some instances when My Dundee is more suitable. There are a number of reasons for recommending Turnitin generally, including improved similarity checking and a more consistent approach across the university.

N.B. If you are marking with student names visible, then many of the Blackboard features are also available if you want to use Turnitin for similarity checking.

Type of assessmentTurnitinBlackboard (My Dundee) 
Text based artefact – individual student submissions.PreferredWill work, but not preferred
Text based artefact – single submission for a group of studentsDoes not workPreferred
Artefact that contains a lot of text (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)PreferredWill work, but not preferred
Non text-based artefact (e.g video or code)Not suitable at presentPreferred Cannot be similarity checked.
Offline submission (e.g. live presentation, sculpture, etc.)Does not workPreferred   You can create a line in the Gradebook and include marks, feedback, and rubrics.
Students can upload multiple times.Yes, but not after the due date After the first three submissions, similarity reports take 24 hours to generate While this can be prevented, it is recommended that students can reupload prior to the due date. Yes, can restrict to a set number of times.
Marking preferences  
Similarity ReportPreferred
(Note that the database of source material is more limited than Turnitin.)
Anonymous marking possible.YesYes
Offline markingOnly via iPadNo
Audio commentPreferred
Attaching files with feedback.Only via a link within the feedback box.Preferred
Yes – including multiple files.
Overall text commentYesYes
Rubrics / marking criteriaYesYes
Make rubrics available to students pre-submissionYesYes
Second marking (true double blind)No
A current work round is to have 2 submission boxes, and request students submit twice
Yes, part of the delegated marking features.

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