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Dear Colleagues, 

The LLC are keen to support everyone currently preparing, sharing, or linking Resource Lists for the coming academic year. This email is intended to signpost the help available and provide information for common tasks. 

·         Reading Lists have been renamed as Resources Lists to better reflect the diverse and online content on lists this year (the URL and email addresses for Reading Lists forward to Resource List equivalents). 

·         LLC Resources Team now offer a dedicated service to help add content to lists and are reviewing all ‘essential’ print items for online versions – email  

·         Help is also available for the presentation of lists, including creating sections for content within lists or adding links to My Dundee modules. If links need to be added for a whole programme or School then please email and support can be organised. 

·         Resource Lists are now presented from within the existing library management system (no longer using the separate Talis interface). Courses are updated from My Dundee and procurement and reporting workflows are being automated. All web and journal links have been checked for next year’s lists. 

·         Additional student functionality is available, and more details and training will be offered in the coming year on these new features. This includes liking, commenting, and marking items as read, as well as suggesting items for resource lists or creating their own collections. 

Resource Lists are available directly from and from the Library website (dropdown menu from the main search box). They are also available from within My Dundee modules, via Contents and Tools – Library: Resource Lists 

Library staff will be pleased to assist you in keeping your lists updated, creating new lists, adding or removing content, and advising/organising  digitisations, e-book queries and any related matters such as list owners & instructors  E-mail details 

Linking in My Dundee 

Old content copied from last year will produce an error for the list. This three-minute video shows how to add a link to your new module Resource List for 20/21: VIDEO: Adding Resource Link in My Dundee or if you email then this can be done for you. 

Overview of steps in My Dundee: 

·         In course content, select + in the position you would like to add a link to the resource list 

·         Select Content & Tools 

·         Locate Library: Resource Lists and select the + on this tool 

·         Click the newly added Library: Resource Lists link and the resource list for the course should be presented 

o    If you do not see a list but instead see a welcome screen, please contact with details of the full course code in My Dundee.  llc-resources will check the resource list has the correct association to the course 

·         The student preview in My Dundee will not show the list but you can ‘View List As A Student’ within the Resource List interface by clicking the three dots in the top right. 

Sharing Lists with Students 

If students want to review lists before modules are made available to them on My Dundee, they can do this by looking up the module directly at . 

If you want to share the url for a resource list with students, then this must be done using the ‘permalink’ and not just copying the URL from the address bar: 

Go to  

Sign in from the guest option at the top right of the page 

Use the find lists option and search by module code or title to find the list 

Select the menu (…) located at the top of the list (next to edit) 

Choose permalink then select ‘to list’ 

Adding Resources 

Log in to  using the ‘Guest’ icon on the top right of the screen and your  usual UoD details. The menu also includes Help screens and the Cite-It! Bookmark tool. This bookmark tool can be dragged to your browser toolbar (and replaced the previous Talis bookmarklet). Please note that the bookmark tool is only needed for resources found outside the Library Search service (which is now integrated within the Resource List software).  

Items on a list may be tagged as ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’, Further reading’, or ‘Recommended for purchase’.  Where books are tagged as Essential, the Library will give these priority attention, and aim to purchase in E-format if possible.  Negotiations are nearing completion with a range of publishers through a JISC UK initiative to support extended E-textbook access during the coming academic year.  

When ready, send the List for ‘Library Review’ by clicking the button at the top of the list. Library staff will then ensure that any new purchases are made. 

Help and Support 

For any queries with Resource Lists, digitisation request, or requests for resources please email 

Digital Skills and Resources staff from the LLC are also available for weekly drop-in sessions: 

Come along to any drop in session on Wednesdays 12-1pm for support with identifying suitable eresources, editing existing resource lists, and compiling new lists. 

Wednesdays 12-1pm 

In our Collaborate drop-in room 

A dedicated training session has also been scheduled: 

Overview of Resource Lists on Tuesday 15 September 2pm-3pm at 

Come along and get some tips on using Resource Lists. Learn how to update your lists, add new resources, use the cite it! function and link resource lists to your modules. We’ll also demonstrate how students can engage with resources through their modules. 

Further guides are in production and sessions on new functionality for students will follow throughout the academic year. 


LLC Resources and Digital Skills Teams 

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