Using CampusPack Wiki (Students)

What is a wiki?

You’ve probably all used a Wiki – wikipedia is the most used wiki – but there are others. The first wiki was built by Ward Cunningham in 1994, and was designed to be a web site that is very easy to edit – you didn’t have to know anything about building a website. The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian for quick. Wikis haven’t really changed since then – they’re a set of linked web pages that are very easy for non-technical users to edit.

What is a CampusPack Wiki?

It’s quite simply a Wiki that’s set up using a tool called CampusPack, and embedded in My Dundee. The lecturer who sets it up can control who can see / edit the wiki – one of the typical ways of using it is for the whole class to be able to edit the wiki, so you can collaborate together to create a wiki.

Starting out.

Main areas of a campusPack wiki

1:  You. You can edit this to show an image of yourself, you can see what work you have done on the wiki (and other CampusPack tools right across My Dundee).

2: The title of the Wiki (and the module it’s in).

3: This is where you’ll probably spend most time – either looking at existing pages, or creating a new page.

4: You can either search this wiki (the default) or any others that you have permission to see (those in other modules you’re enrolled on, wikis that have been set to be visible by all students etc)

5: Settings. Those settings you can adjust – it depends on how the wiki was set up as to what you can do.

Creating a new page.

Click on the +New page icon.

Creating a new page on CampusPack Wiki (Click for larger version)

1: Give the page a title.

2: Add content

3: The formatting bar will let you add images, videos, bullet points and many other features. You can use the link button to link to external sites, and, to make the wiki work well, other pages in the wiki.
You may want to check to see if the lecturer has set any guidance with regard to headings, colour schemes etc, for the group as a whole.

4: Remember to save!

The profile and search buttons are the same as those you have seen on the initial page.

Editing a page.

Once you have saved a page, you’ll see the page – and buttons to edit or delete the page. Just click “edit” to edit it.

[If you accidentally click delete, you can see the list of deleted pages in the overall list of pages]

Seeing all the pages.

Click on the Pages button. It’s next to the New page button.

Click for a larger version

1: A list of all the pages – and tick the box to see deleted pages.

2: The page you are on at the moment.

3: If you want to reorder the pages, click settings. If you see Page Hierarchy, then you have permission to rearrange them.

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