Move to Questionmark On-Demand

As you may know, we have been in the process of transitioning our Questionmark service from the self-hosted ‘Perception’ to the new cloud-hosted ‘On-Demand’ (OD) service. This project was meant to be completed over the summer but was unexpectedly delayed. The delay has now been resolved and we are able to move forward once again. Read on for details of the new project schedule…

Project Timeline (click to enlarge):

Questionmark On-Demand Project Timeline

In addition to the above timeline, here’s a summary of the key information:

  • The transition to OD will be completed in a series of stages (see timeline).
  • The scheduled end-of-service date for Perception (self-hosted) is 01/02/2018. At this time the service will be decommissioned and OD will be used for both formative assessment and formal exams.
  • Authors will begin to get access to OD towards the middle of this month and shall have time to test and familiarise themselves with the system throughout October and November.
  • CTIL will provide training for the new service starting towards the end of October (details to follow).
  • After this period of testing/training, formative assessments will begin to transition in December.
  • Formal Exams are a priority, so will be last to move to OD – they will continue to be delivered through Perception until after January 2018.

As with any new complex change of service, there will be teething problems. This is is why we are following a phased transition plan and would ask that as authors get access/training and start to test and create their assessments, we’d ask you to report any problems to

Please get in touch if you have any questions and you can expect progress reports and details about training opportunities in the near future.

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