Questionmark OnDemand – Scheduled Maintenance

Questionmark OnDemand EU – Scheduled Maintenance (

Questionmark On Demand Logo
Questionmark On Demand Logo

We are writing to inform you about upcoming maintenance of the Questionmark OnDemand EU platform ( and advise of potential for downtime/disruption to the service.

Due to the nature of the updates planned for this release, your portal area may update outside the maintenance window.  We anticipate that all areas will update by the end of the weekend.  Whilst your area is updating, it will be unavailable for approximately five minutes.

  • Maintenance window begins: Saturday, 20-Jan-2018, 7:00 GMT
  • Maintenance window ends: Saturday, 20-Jan-2018, 11:00 GMT

To check the current status of the OnDemand system and review response time and uptime data, please visit:

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