• Collaborate Downtime 11/11/21 (Resolved)

    We have been informed by Blackboard that on the 11th of November Collaborate experienced a period of downtime due to an update in Blackboard. The update has now taken place and we have been informed that Collaborate is now running as normal. If you are still experiencing issues with Collaborate…

  • Service Issue: Collaborate Ultra – Resolved

    Updated: This is now working as expected. If you have further questions, please contact help4U We are aware of an issue affecting Collaborate Ultra, and are working to investigate the reason, and to restore the service. At present, starting Collaborate Ultra results in an error message.

  • Collaborate Ultra – March update

    What’s happening? Collaborate Ultra is regularly updated. The update that is scheduled for March includes (among other things) security updates that may affect users at Dundee Who’s affected? Those who use Collaborate Ultra, and the following browsers Internet Explorer 11 (the default browser for those using Windows 7 – i.e….