Apps for My Dundee

You can access My Dundee on your mobile device using two new apps developed by Blackboard (the system on which My Dundee is based). See below for download links to the student and instructor apps as well as for instructions and video guides.

*if you are using an iPad, and have difficulty finding the app, search iPhone apps


  1. Install the correct app for your device
  2. Run the app and search for University of Dundee
  3. Enter your username e.g. jsmith (no need for the part)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Done

Videos Guides


Blackboard Instructor

Old Apps

If you have BB Student or Mobile learn, you’ll need to remove them – they are no longer being updated, and do not work with iOS11.BB StudentMobile Learn

Old BB Student app - Orange background
BB Student
Mobile Learn icon (BB on a blackboard)
Mobile Learn

If you prefer not to install apps on your phone/tablet, the new design for My Dundee is more responsive than the old one, so you may find that you don’t need the apps to use My Dundee.


  1. Emma please note there a number of spelling mistakes on this page.

    Regards eric

    1. Thanks Eric. That’s actually my bad as i quickly edited the post recently. I think i’ve got them all but will get somebody else to double check 🙂

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